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How to Bid on a Federal Government Contract

Bidding on federal contracts is a time-consuming process, but the rewards are worth it. Optimize on time and resources by hiring a bid service, like BidFortune, which helps you discover, analyze and succeed at government contracting. Focus on preparing the best contract and ensure success.

Government Contracting under Biden

The future of government contracting under the Biden administration

Biden administration has declared contracting and grants in clean energy, infrastructure and bolstering R&D, as key to America’s economic recovery. Thus, opening massive opportunities for contractors who can use bid matching services like BidFortune in maintaining and winning contract pipelines.

Expert at sourcing contracts

How to become an expert at sourcing contracts

Sourcing government contracts is not rocket science but it is important to conduct the necessary research to find the right contracts, understand your target agency and the key players in your field. Bid-matching services like can help simplify the contract sourcing process to a large extent.