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K12-Education-Focus Areas

K12 and Higher Education Government Contracting Focus Areas for 2021

The shift to remote learning has opened new opportunities for government contractors in various sectors of the K-12 and higher education industry. Government contractors monitoring the education market can seek opportunities in numerous areas that are in dire need of services, supplies, systems, software, construction, and maintenance. Analyze the key areas for K12 and Higher Education Government Contracting for 2021 with Bidfortune and take the guesswork out of bidding.


COVID-19 and Government Contractors – Requirements and Opportunities

Several important improvements have been made to the COVID-19 safety protocol as a result of the implementation of the Executive Order and the development of the Safer Federal Workforce. Government contractors and subcontractors are obligated to adhere to shifting government safety requirements. BidFortune tracks and disseminates recent events in government contracting and provides businesses with an integrated suite of tools to help identify new opportunities and succeed at federal contracts.

Government contracting challenges

Top 10 challenges faced by businesses in government contracting

Government contracting can be a lucrative, but lengthy and daunting process. Multiple challenges can make it seem like a lonely, risky journey with a steep learning curve. A comprehensive market intelligence platform like BidFortune can de-risk and de-mystify the complexity while ensuring success.

Growth areas in government contracting

The Top Government Contracting Opportunities for 2021

Covid-19 led to growth in government contracting opportunities. Use of technology for optimisation, outsourcing for efficiency, fighting, and adjusting to the virus, are areas which would see strong growth. BidFortune can help you discover bids, analyse competition, and build a winning strategy.

Expert at sourcing contracts

How to become an expert at sourcing contracts

Sourcing government contracts is not rocket science but it is important to conduct the necessary research to find the right contracts, understand your target agency and the key players in your field. Bid-matching services like can help simplify the contract sourcing process to a large extent.